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Friday, June 9, 2017

Commercial Insurance San Diego

Do you own a business or property that you lease out? If you do I’m sure that you’re aware that commercial insurance isn’t cheap. If it’s a business, rates vary based off risk and history with claims. Every business owner in the state of California must have commercial insurance. It’s a policy that’s put in place to protect you from liability and personal property incidents. If you have own a restaurant and a client slips and falls in the restroom which turns into a lawsuit, this is where your liability limits on your commercial insurance policy come into play. Restaurants are typically more liable to accidents due to the high exposure of people. The majority of restaurants charge based off the total amounts of sales. With Farmers, it’s rated based off of the public square footage of the building. This makes the price stay the same no matter how much the sales increase for the business. Farmers currently insures about twenty percent of the restaurants in California. Based off price, Farmers is one of the most competitive for restaurants.

If you own a building, multi unit property, retail office space, hotel, or industrial building, you want to have the right commercial insurance policy in place. This policy is in place to protect the building in case of any drastic event such as fire, wind damage, lightning, leaks, along with any incident with the tenants and clients being injured. The majority of building owners, homeowners, and property managers typically require that their tenants issue a renters policy to cover these incidents as well so that the tenant has a place to report due temporarily while repairs are being made.

For insurance policies like these, you can shop around online, try and find a good rate. What it simply comes down to is having the right professional that’s going to have your best interest in price as well as coverage. Depending on the industry, we can always find a carrier that will cater towards the client. We want all of our clients to know that they can call us at anytime of day in the event of an emergency so that we can walk them through the process. Give us a call so that we can protect everything you own at a competitive rate.

Joseph Jaehnig

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