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Friday, June 9, 2017

Pet Insurance

 Is your pet apart of your family? Are they insured? Today, pets are probably the you would never consider insuring out of all, most people consider pets to be a huge part of the family, I know I do. Typically in your average household, everyone is insured for healthcare, vision,  and dental, why not for your pets?


Pet insurance can cost as little as 10 dollars a month depending on the animal and age. It will insure that your pet is covered for visits to the vet, annual check ups, and any trip to the E.R.can be super costly which is why you want to be covered just in case.


What can pet insurance cover?

Farmers has chosen Pets Best, a trusted leader in Pet Insurance to offer the following coverages:

Accident & Illness Plans:

Protect your pet by making sure that they’re covered for unexpected accidents and illnesses. Plans from Pets Best offer you comprehensive coverage for:

  • Injuries

  • Illnesses such as allergies and diabetes

  • Surgeries

  • Hereditary and congenital conditions

  • Prescription medications

  • Cancer treatments

  • Acupuncture & Chiropractic care

  • Physical rehabilitation

Routine/Wellness Coverage:

Routine and preventive care helps to catch diseases early to help your pet have a longer, happier life. Coverage includes annual wellness exams, routine shots, flea/tick/heartworm medications, spaying & neutering, routine diagnostic tests, routine dental cleanings, and micro-chips. Add this coverage to your Accident & Illness Plan for an additional premium.

Specialized Coverage Plans:

Pets Best offers Accident Only Plans to cover broken legs, snake bites and accidental swallowing for customers wanting coverage just for accidents.

Why buy Pet Insurance through Farmers and Pets Best?

  • 5% discount on Pet Insurance for Farmers customers*

  • Choose any licensed veterinarian or specialist

  • File claims and manage your account online

  • Most claims processed within 5 days

  • Free direct deposit reimbursements

  • Coverage for about the cost of pet food

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